“We are on a quest to lead the way with innovative educational programs,
groundbreaking research and exceptional service to the community.”
Dean Marsha Pyle.

The School of Dentistry has set three very important goals that will help maintain the School's national leadership in oral health education and care.

  • Creating innovative educational programs that represent a new frontier. Focusing on Practice Management, our Innovation Center (a state-of-the-art facility) and distance education opportunities.
  • Pioneering groundbreaking research by recruiting, developing and retaining vibrant faculty. With educators of the highest caliber we can accomplish all of our goals.
  • Advancing our exceptional service to the community by looking at our involvement at every level, including; satellite program creation, K-12 interaction, Community Health Centers participation and our cutting-edge Oncology Support Clinic.


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Charles Squire, DDS ‘68

Kelly Suchman, DDS ‘00

Gordon Kanemaru, DDS ‘93

Heather Jenkins, DDS ‘09