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The Department of Oral and Craniofacial Sciences has three main focus areas for research: Biomaterials/Bioengineering of Biological Tissues and Replacements; Mineralized Tissue Biology; and Translational and Clinical Research. Faculty across these areas regularly collaborate in innovative ways to make the best use of the talents of individuals in the department.

In the biomaterials area, faculty are investigating means of improving composite restorations through the development of new materials as well as improving the bond between the tooth and the filling material. In the mineralized tissue area, faculty are studying bone and muscle, determining how they act together, and how bone function affects its structure. Such studies are relevant for understanding and treating osteoporosis and fracture healing. In the translational and clinical research area, faculty are evaluating the impact of radiation therapy on the oral cavity, temporomandibular disorders, and studying diseases such as TB and HIV/AIDS.


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