Oral and Craniofacial Sciences Faculty

Yong Wang, Ph.D.




















Dr. Wang’s research is focused on three major areas: Dental Biomaterials; Calcified Tissue; and Applying New Technologies in Dentistry.

Current research projects include:
Adhesive Dentistry
Biomedical and Dental Materials for Tissue Replacements
Characterization of Calcified Tissues (Dentin, Enamel, Bone) 
Structure and Properties of Polymeric Composites and Nanocomposites
Interactions between Synthetic Materials and Tissues
Aging and Durability of Polymers and Biomaterials
Vibrational Spectroscopic Characterization and Spectroscopically Resolved Chemical Imaging (Infrared and Raman) 
Structure/Property/Functional Imaging from Nano-, Meso- to Micro Scales
Development of Imaging Tools/Devices for Early Disease Detection
Hyperspectral Imaging Analysis
Non-thermal Plasmas, Ultrafast Lasers in the Dental Applications

Yong Wang, Ph.D.Professor

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