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J. David Eick, M.S., Ph.D





















Dr. Eick's current research interests are largely in the area of dental biomaterials and traumatic bone injury stabilizers and are extremely interdisciplinary in nature; involving surface chemistry, toxicology, mechanical and biomaterial engineering, and polymer chemistry. Currently funded research projects include:
NIH/NIDCR doctoral support training grant: Pre and Post Doctoral Training, UMKC School of Dentistry
NIH/NIDCR R21 grant: Nanostructured Dental Composite Restorative Materials
Department of Defense award: Bone Repair and Military Readiness
Department of Defense award: Consortium for Bone and Tissue Repair and Regeneration
Missouri Life Science Research Board award: Bone Fracture Repair in Animals Using a New Bone Cement

1. Dental Biomaterials
2. Surface Chemistry
3. Low Shrink/Low Stress Polymer Development

J. David Eick, M.S., Ph.DCurator's Professor Emeritus

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