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Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope CM12

The STEM combines the features of both TEM and SEM. It can be used in standard TEM mode for thin samples or in scanning mode for thin or bulk samples. In scanning mode, a high brightness source (LaB6) produces a focused beam with high current density and small diameter for EDS X-ray microanalysis. Spatial resolution for microanalysis (a few nanometers for thin specimens) is much better than it is for microanalysis in SEM for bulk samples (about 0.5-3 microns).  STEM CM12 has a wide range of imaging and analytical capabilities, including a EDS system.

TEM is equipped with the large format (11H Megapixel) retractable and fiber-optical coupled CCD camera SC100 ORIUS© CCD camera for digital image acquisition.

High voltage range 20 to 120 kV
Electron gun LaB6
Eucentric goniometer stage ±60°
Camera length 25 to 6500 mm
STEM magnifications 70 to 510,000
Minimum focused probe 2 nm
Image media Scanning mode - digital storage and/or Polaroid film. 
TEM mode - photo plates.
Standard, Be (for EDS) and Bulk side-entry specimen holders
Digital EDS Prism detector with IMIX-PC system

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