Department of Oral and Craniofacial Sciences

Scanning Electron Microscope
Philips SEM 515




The SEM 515 is an instrument suitable for any field - biological or materials science, especially for routine tasks. Coupled with the PGT IMIX-PC EDS system, it has a wide range of capabilities in high quality imaging and EDS analysis of chemical composition.
SEM 515 specifications
  Resolution  5 nm 

Accelerating voltage

0.2 to 30 kV

  Electron gun Tungsten 
  Magnification 10 to 160,000 
  Stage movements  Tilt                  -15° to +60° 
Z (one step)     22 mm 
Z (fine)             5 mm 
X                      20 mm 
Y                      20 mm 
  Image media:  Digital storage 
Polaroid film 
  Detectors:  Everhart-Thornley secondary electron detector 
Robinson backscattered electron detector
  Digital EDS Prism X-ray detector with IMIX-PC system.


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