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All magnifications are given as original magnificatins (for pictures 4"x5")

Wet Mode

Resolution in Wet Mode is practically the same as in high vacuum mode

100,000x. Vaporized gold. Chamber pressure 3.4 Torr.
Wet samples
350x. Alfalfa. The cells were alive in the microscope.
6500x. Dentin. On the top is a very wet layer of proteins.
Non-conductive samples
5000x. Paper. 
1500x. Cotton fabric
Dissolution and Crystallization of Table Salt (NaCl)
With the cooling Peltier stage, water vapor pressure in the specimen chamber can reach the dew point (100% humidity) and water will condense on the stage. Salt crystals were placed on the stage at +5°C. Pressure in the chamber was gradually increased and crystals were dissolved in condensed water (first four pictures below ) until there was nothing left but water solution of NaCl (picture in the center). Pressure then was decreased, and salt crystallized (last four pictures). 250x.

EDS analysis works fine in wet mode:

Sample: paper, not coated, non-conductive 
Maps for Ti, Al, and Si 

High Vacuum Mode

100,000x. Collagen in 
dentin. Au/Pd coated

200,000x. Mineralized 
dentin. Au/Pd coated

25,000x. Perlit colony 
in a steel

2000x. Corrosion 

12,000x. Steel fracture.
Corrosion fatigue

5000x. Dentin
Courtesy of
Mr. James Swafford

Low Voltage Mode (High Vacuum)

2500x. 500V. 

100x. 300V.
Cotton fabric.

View of the specimen
chamber from the inside.
CCD camera.

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