Department of Oral and Craniofacial Sciences

Specimen Preparation Equipment



















Sputter coaters and carbon coaters

  • The Leica EM SCD050 sputter coater with Gold-Palladium target and carbon thread evaporation accessory and rotating stage. Stepless height adjustable table.
  • Denton Vacuum Desk-1 sputter coater.
  • Pelco CC7A carbon coater.
  • Denton Vacuum DV-502 vacuum evaporator.


  • Leica EM UC7 ultramicrotome with fully motorized knife stage and AutoTrim function. Brightness-controlled multi-LED illumination and LED spot illumination
  • Sorvall MT2-B ultramicrotome

Cryogenic specimen preparation

  • High pressure freezer with rapid transfer system Leica EM PACT2 with EM RTS. Freezing of specimens, up to 200 μm in thickness and 1.5 mm in diameter without ice crystal damage
  • Freeze substitution and low temperature embedding unit Leica EM AFS2

Critical point dryer Leica EM CPD030 with integrated automatic cooling/heating
Light microscopes

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