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X-ray Microanalysis



















All our microscopes are equipped with IMIX-PC EDS systems that are capable of performing multiple analytical tasks in chemical composition determination and in image capturing and analysis: 
  • Qualitative elemental analysis (automatic and semiautomatic).
  • Quantitative X-ray microanalysis (with standards as well as standardless)
  • X-ray map collection up to 4k x 4k.
  • Line scan collection.
  • Image capturing up to 4k x 4k.
  • Image analysis and editing.
  • Position-Tagged Spectrometry (PTS): a method of collecting all X-ray data for each pixel of an image in a single file. Later this file can be used for generating spectrum and qualitative analysis of any place on the image, obtaining X-ray maps for any element, plotting line scans, phase mapping and indentification, etc.
  • Ultra thin detector windows give capability of qualitative or quantitative composition analysis of elements from B to U


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