Health Sciences Research Summit Shares a Wealth of Information

Health Sciences Research Summit Shares a Wealth of Information

















The UMKC health sciences community held its annual Research Summit, Thursday afternoon, April 17, 2014, at the Student Union, Room 401. Presenters from the UMKC School of Dentistry included 13 DDS students, four graduate students, and five postdoctoral fellows.

The UMKC Health Sciences Research Summit enables members of the UMKC health sciences community to display poster presentations in a forum that: 

  • Highlights the health sciences research being conducted in the UMKC Schools of Biological Sciences, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy;
  • Fosters research collaborations across disciplines and schools that will produce economic, health, education and quality-of-life benefits for the greater Kansas City community.

Caren Abraham (DDS 2016) (Fac. Advisor:  Lynn Friesen)
“Relationship Between Dental Erosion and Histologic Esophagitis in Children”

Lisa Alford (DDS 2015) (Fac. Advisor:  Dr. Laura Iwasaki)
“Jaw Muscle Duty Factors in Dolicofacial compared to Brachyfacial Adolescents”

Brad Chun (DDS 2016) (Fac. Advisor:  Dr. Sarah L. Dallas)
“Osteocyte Embedding Dynamics and Generation of an Osteocyte-Like Cell Line”

Maggie Curry-Chiu (Grad Student) (Fac. Advisor:  Kim Bray)
“Implementing Motivational Interviewing in Dental Hygiene Practice: A Qualitative Study”

Emily Frenz (DDS 2016) (Fac. Advisor:  Dr. Mark L. Johnson & Dr. Nuria Lara)
“Age Effects on Load Induced Osteocyte Activation of β-catenin Signaling”

Richie Gallant (DDS 2016) (Fac. Advisor:  Dr. Yasuyoshi Ueki)
“SH3BP2 Regulates Inflammation and Bone Destruction in the Collagen-Induced Arthritis Model”

Corey Hastings (DDS 2016) (Fac. Advisor:  Dr. Mary P. Walker)
“Fluoride Effects on NiTi and SS Spring Unloading Force”

Kevin Kaiser (DDS 2016) (Fac. Advisor:  Dr. Donna Deines)
“Three-Year Retrospective Assessment of a  Pre-doctoral Implant Program”

Nuria Lara (Postdoc) (Fac. Advisor:  Dr. Mark L. Johnson)
“Initial Activation of β-catenin Signaling in Osteocytes is Prostaglandin Dependent”

Alex Liu (Postdoc) (Fac. Advisor:  Yong Wang, Ph.D.)
“Addition of Grape Seed Extract Renders Phosphoric Acid a Collagen-Stabilizing Etchant”

Jake McGuire (Grad Student) (Fac. Advisor:  Dr. Mary P. Walker)
“Type VII Collagen is a Component of Human Tooth Enamel”

Tomoyuki Mukai (Postdoc) (Fac. Advisor:  Dr. Yasuyoshi Ueki)
“SH3BP2 ‘Cherubism’ Gain-of-Function Mutation Exacerbates Inflammation and Bone Erosion in Murine Collagen-Induced Arthritis Model”

Rachel Reed (Grad Student) (Fac. Advisor:  Dr. Mary P. Walker)
“Radiotherapy Effect on Micro-Tensile Strength of DEJ:  Preliminary Results”

Audrey Sill (DDS 2016) (Fac. Advisor:  Dr. Lynda Bonewald)
“The Role of β-catenin in Immobilization”

Melanie Simmer-Beck (Grad Student) (Fac. Advisor:  Bonnie Branson, Ph.D.)
“Quality and Efficacy of Care Provided by ECP Dental Hygienists”

Stacie Sueda (DDS 2014) (Fac. Advisor:  Dr. Mary P. Walker)
“Effect of Intraoral Photography on Treatment Planning Outcomes”

Travis Tegerdine (DDS 2016) (Fac. Advisor:  Yong Wang, Ph.D.)
“Interfacial Chemistry and Morphology of a Universal Self-Etch Adhesive with Dentin after Prior Acid-Etching”

Lauren Todoki (DDS 2016) (Fac. Advisor:  Dr. Jeffrey Gorski)
“Mature Enamel Matrix Contains MMP-20, Type IV Collagen and Tetranectin”

Xiaomei Yao (Postdoc) (Fac. Advisor:  Yong Wang, Ph.D.)
“Effects of Anti-Resorptive Agents on Ovariectomised (OVX) Rat Cortical Bone:  Raman Spectroscopy and Multivariate Analyses”

Teruhito Yoshitaka (Postdoc) (Fac. Advisor:  Dr. Yasuyoshi Ueki)
“Etanercept Administration to Neonatal SH3BP2 Knock-In Cherubism Mice Prevents TNF-α-induced Inflammation and Bone Loss”

Brett Zobell (DDS 2016) (Fac. Advisor:  Dr. Lynda Bonewald)
“Bone Regeneration with Bioactive Glass Scaffolds in a Loaded Bone”