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Your Generosity Can Help Fight TB and AIDS

Dr. Carole McArthur is a native of New Zealand where she obtained a Ph.D. in the field of immunology with a minor in biochemistry from the University of Otago. She also has an M.D. degree from the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC) and is a clinical and anatomic pathologist. Dr. McArthur also directs residency research in the pathology Department at Truman Medical Center in Kansas City and is an adjunct faculty member in the University of Missouri School of Medicine and in UMKC's women's and gender studies. She teaches immunology and Immunopathology in several units at UMKC. Her 30 years of research in the biological sciences span the fields murine tumor immunogenetics, human, fish and veterinary immunoparasitology, tropical medicine and human and veterinary diagnostic system development and evaluation.

Her transitional research in both the academic and private sector involve the development and evalution of diagnostic systems for the detection of a wide range of substances. These range from microorganisms, fungi, protozoa, proteins, peptides and many small molecules including therapeutic and abused drugs such as steroids , barbiturates, amphetamines and PCP. Her current research focuses on AIDS and TB in Africa, particularly in seeking novel therapies for TB.

Faculty and students are able to participate in clinical rotations and specific research projects by arrangement with Dr. McArthur. You may contact her at or 816-235-2175.

Dr. McArthur (left), and Ana Valari and Dr. Catherine Brennan of Abbott Laboratories at the Conference for Retroviral and Opportunistic Infections scientific meeting in Seattle in March 2015.

Dr. McArthur at the American Society of microbiology meeting in Denver in 2013.


International Health Information and Faculty & Student Opportunities


The Following People Work in Dr. McArthur’s Lab:

In Kansas City-

Jamal Syed
Roldolfo Coutinho
Ben Franco


In Africa-

Paul Ngang Acho, M.D.
Annelle Njinda
Aboubakar Kindzeka
Leo Ayuk, M.D.


Watch a short video about student Pedro Abrantes, Ph.D. Student at the University of Western Cape’ experience in Cameroon.

Rodolfo, Jamal and Ben Dr. Eve Loftus working in Cameroon


Ph.D. Student Marinus Barnard pictured at the National Health Laboratory Services Laboratory at Green Pointin Cape Town funded by Dr. McArthur’s program. Marinus presented a poster with Dr. McArthur at the annual meeting of the American Society of Microbiology (ASM), which received an out-standing poster award, significant because the ASM is the largest life-science organization in the world with 40,000 members and only 20 such awards are made annually.  

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