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Remembering Dr. Bernard Butterworth, Former Head of Anatomy
Remembering Dr. John R. McFarland
Remembering Mark Merriweather
Remembering Dr. William Gronniger
Honoring the Passing of Dr. Felix Quiason
Remembering Dr. Glenn Soesbe
In Memoriam : Dr. Sanford Plainfield
In Memoriam — Dr. Gary J. Newman

Remembering Dr. Bernard Butterworth, Former Head of Anatomy
Dr. Bernard Butterworth, 87, of Independence, Mo., passed away Feb 11, 2010, after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. Dr Butterworth spent much of his long and distinguished career serving the UMKC School of Dentistry as the director of its Anatomy Department in the 1970s and 1980s. Dr. Butterworth co-authored the book Ethnodentistry & Dental Folklore with William Carter, D.D.S., Joseph Carter, Ph.D., and John Carter, D.D.S.

The family welcomes the dental school community to attend a celebration of his life and career Saturday, March 20, at 2 p.m., New Walnut Park Congregation, 1137 S Pearl St., Independence, MO 64050-4553. Phone: 816-521-4072

Donations in memory of Dr. Butterworth can be made to the UMKC School of Dentistry’s general scholarship fund. Call: (816) 235-2095.

To read more about Dr. Butterworth’s life and career, visit

In the most recent edition of the Explorer, Dr. John R. Ward, Class of 1978 was MISTAKENLY listed as deceased.

We would like everyone to know that Dr. Ward is alive and well and still practicing in Hugoton, KS.

The School of Dentistry sends it’s most sincere apology for this error.

Remembering Dr. John R. McFarland

Dr. John R. McFarland, 75, died of cancer December 26 at his home in Topeka, Kan. Dr. McFarland graduated from the University of Kansas City, School of Dentistry in 1961. He began his practice in Topeka in June 1961 and in 1977 collaborated with three other dentists to form the Gage Dental Group.

To read an obituary honoring Dr. McFarland visit:

Remembering Mark Merriweather

Mark Merriweather, 62, passed away in Frisco, Texas, on December 22, 2009, after a 10-year battle with cancer. He was born April 4, 1948 in New Haven, Conn. He graduated from Smith Center High School and the University of Kansas. A 1972 graduate of the UMKC School of Dentistry, Dr. Merriweather also earned an MBA degree from the University of Dallas, Graduate School of Management. He was a member of the American Dental Association, the Texas Dental Association, the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, and the American Academy of Implantology. In addition to his professional dental career, Dr. Merriweather was vice president of operations for Bright Now Dental, Inc., Dallas-Fort Worth market, the company's largest market segment. Dr. Merriweather was formerly senior dental director and market manager for Monarch Dental Corporation, which was acquired by Bright Now! in 2003. He collected classic cars and loved his Saluki dogs. Mark was preceded in death by his father Nyrle K. Merriweather and his stepfather, Linton C. Lull. He is survived by his wife, Patrice Wheeler; daughter, Lindsay Mack; mother, Betty Lull; and two brothers, Tim and Chris Merriweather. Private family services were held.

Remembering Dr. William Gronniger

William “Guy” Gronniger (DDS ’68) of Smithville, Mo., passed away September 18, 2009, among family and friends after a 26-month battle with brain cancer.

To read touching tributes to Dr. Gronniger’s life, visit:

Honoring the Passing of Dr. Felix Quiason

Dr. Felix Quiason, UMKC associate professor of endodontics, passed away Tuesday, September 8, 2009, at Research Medical Center. Dr. Quiason joined the School of Dentistry endodontic faculty in 2001. His outgoing personality and his eternal optimism and courage in the face of daunting health challenges earned him the sincere affection and admiration of his students, colleagues and patients. His daily presence will be greatly missed, but his impact on our lives will be long remembered.

To read the obituary for Dr. Quiason, visit the Kansas City Star website:

Remembering Dr. Glenn Soesbe

Glenn T. Soesbe (DDS ’68), aged 67, died on Sunday, August 23, 2009, near Madrid, New Mexico. Dr. Soesbe had practiced periodontal surgery in San Antonio for 25 years before moving to the Albuquerque area 10 years ago, where he continued to practice until his death.

To read an obituary for Dr. Soesbe, visit:


Reprinted from the San Francisco Chronicle
Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sanford Plainfield, (DDS ’47) passed away peacefully at his home in Berkeley, Calif., on Saturday May 2, 2009, after surviving the death of his wife, Ruth, by less than two months. Sanford was born on July 25, 1922, in Providence, R.I. He married the love of his life, Ruth, in 1946. They settled in Berkeley where they lived the rest of their lives, and where their two sons, Mark and Kim, were born and raised. Sanford established a private dental practice in Alameda where he cared for generations of patients for close to 50 years. He taught for nearly 30 years on the faculty of the Dental School at UC Medical Center. He achieved great renown in his professional life through his membership in a variety of professional organizations, his numerous publications and his pioneering work in the field of implantology. In his community work, he founded the first free clinic for the homeless in San Francisco, worked very early on in the Civil Rights Movement, and became a docent at the California Academy of Sciences. Above all, he loved his family. Sanford is survived by his sons, Kim and Mark; his daughters-in law, Maureen and Vicky; his grandchildren, Fernando, Samuel, Julian, Joel and Sebastian; his brother and sister-in-law, Robert and Virginia; and his nephews, Craig and Richie. Our family is grateful to Darlene, Keisha, Sandra, Toni, Theresa and, above all, to Doris for lovingly caring for both Ruth and Sanford. Memorial Services were held Thursday, May 7, 2009 at the Sunset View Cemetery in El Cerrito.


Dr. Gary J. Newman passed away December 2, 2006. He was born August 14, 1940 in Topeka, Kan. Gary leaves his loving wife Wanda; two sons: Jon, and his wife, Linda, and Todd, and his wife, Mary; and three grandchildren: Lolly, Ivy and Theodore.

A selfless man of limitless compassion, Gary gave of himself and expected nothing in return. Above all, he loved his family. “His life was gentle, and the elements of nature so mix'd in him that nature might stand up and say to all the world, ‘This was a man!’” William Shakespeare.

A graduate of Washburn University in Topeka, Dr. Newman received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 1966. Dr. Newman practiced dentistry in Topeka for over 40 years, and was a cattle rancher for many years. He belonged to the American College of Dentists, the International College of Dentists, and the Pierre Fauchard Academy of Dentists. A member of the Topeka and Kansas Dental Associations and the American Dental Association, he served as president of the Topeka Dental Association and held all offices of the Kansas Dental Association, including president. He was awarded many honors, including the Man of the Year award by the KDA. Dr. Newman served in various positions in the American Dental Association, including the ADA Board of Trustees, and represented the KDA as a delegate to the ADA for 14 years. He served as president of the UMKC Dental School Alumni Association in 2002, and currently served as chairman of the Rinehart Foundation. Dr. Newman was past-president of Topeka Friends of the Zoo and donated his time to provide dental work for zoo animals. He belonged to St. David's Episcopal Church and served on its Vestry.

Gary was preceded in death by his father, James Newman; his mother, Lydia Newman, and his stepmother, Thelma Newman. Funeral services were held at 1 p.m. Tuesday, December 5, at Grace Cathedral. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the UMKC School of Dentistry Rinehart Foundation, 650 E. 25th St., Kansas City, Mo. 64108.

(Adapted from the article published in the Kansas City Star, 12/4/2006)

In Memoriam (published in the Explorer)
Fall/Winter 2015

Elton A. Rose                      DDS 1946
Ross Waltzer                       DDS 1946
Rhame P. Wood                  DDS 1951
L. Charles Larsen                DDS 1953
Bill Dalton Branstetter         DDS 1954
Walter H. Eylar                    DDS 1954
Robert Lyle Bartheld           DDS 1958
Robert W. Hauetter              DDS 1965
Robert W. Newton               DDS 1958
Colonel Jack D. Cox           DDS 1964
Kamal N. Zakhari                DDS 1971
James Edward Spring          DDS 1975
William (Bill) Brockmann   PhD 2004
Correction:  The 2009 fall edition of the Explorer listed Dr. Lawrence J. Johnston as deceased. We are pleased to report that he is alive and practicing two days a week in Chambersburg, Penn.

2015 Spring/Summer
None listed

2014 Fall/Winter
None listed

2014 Spring/Summer
Hershall A. Allen                 DDS 1964
Stanley K. Andrews             DDS 1977
Robert W. Baker Jr.             DDS 1960
William S. Barr                    DDS 1949
Charles E. Beadles Jr.          DDS 1962
John L. Beynon                   DDS 1964
John J. Blair                        DDS 1954
Christopher D. Breitenbach DDS 1969
John M. Brown                    DDS 1954
Margaret J. Burianek           DH 1959
Lyndon J. Campbell            DDS 1980
Richard B. Carpenter           DDS 1957
William F. Connely             DDS 1954
Edgar E. Cooper                  DDS 1964
David P. Crowe                   DDS 1978
Donald A. Dean                  DDS 1969
Connie Drisko                     DDS 1980
Michael A. Eberhard           DDS 1972
Walter E. Embree                DDS 1964
David J. Ferguson                DDS 1963
John I. Haynes                    DDS 1960
James E. Holloway              DDS 1976, PER 1981
George T. Hopkins Jr.         DDS 1953
Van L. Johnson                   DDS 1946
Preston D. Landrum            DDS 1954
Stephen J. Lindell                DDS 1979
Edwin A. Locke                  DDS 1949
Paul R. Lunt                        DDS 1959
Mary L. Mariani                  DDS 1988
Thomas M. Okano               DDS 1962
Merlin D. Peay                    DDS 1954
James E. Peden                    DDS 1961
W. Michael  Pittman            DDS 1964
Milton L. Rowe                   DDS 1956
Noreen A. Salmon               DDS 1989
Jerry F. Schafers                  DDS 1978
David W. Shank                  DDS 1981
Thomas L. Shanks               DDS 1969
Gene S. Trausch                  DDS 1953
Charles H. Trudgeon           DDS 1958
Robert F. VanDrak              DDS 1974
Robert A. Waitman              DDS 1962
David W. Wardlaw Sr.         DDS 1967
Charles V. Williams             DDS 1949
Melvin L. Wimmer              DDS 1964

2013 Fall/Winter
J. Hayden Abbott                DDS 1962
James Arthur                       DDS 1940
George Bailey                      DDS 1974
John Carmichael                  DDS 1946
Grant Cookson                    DDS 1963
Mark Davis                          DDS 1984
William Donahue                DDS 1976
Donald Essington                DDS 1955
John Fatzer                          DDS 1978
Howard Hollingsworth        DDS 1956
Theodore Kennedy              DDS 1938
Herbert Leffingwell             DDS 1955
Virgil Little                          DDS 1966
Charles Dow Miller             ORT 1959
Gregory Partridge                DDS 1984
William Poyser                    DDS 1951
Dee Roy                              DDS 1959
Kenneth Rudd                     DDS 1943S
C. Scott Russell                   DDS 1962
Tracy Smith                         DDS 1989
Hercilio Vazquez-Torres     DDS 1959
Andrea Beerman                 DDS 2002

2013 Spring/Summer
Frances M. Peak                  DH 1934
Richard B. Focht                 DDS 1939
Ralph W. Dimond               DDS 1943S
Joseph M. Cassidy               DDS 1946
Price A. Gibbons                 DDS 1946
Pete H. Nishimura               DDS 1947
Curtis J. Vague                    DDS 1947
Harve R. Varner                  DDS 1947
Donald M. Williams            DDS 1948
Galen L. Callender              DDS 1949
Gerald F. Marsico                DDS 1949
Ralph H. Reed                     DDS 1950
Charley F. Baker                 DDS 1953
Thomas L. Day                    DDS 1953
Hal G. Riddle                      DDS 1953
Warren R. Kelley                 DDS 1954
Vincent J. O’Shell               MSD 1954
Robert P. McGraw               DDS 1955
Richard C. Porch                 DDS 1955
Joseph R. Wammack           DDS 1955
Charles W. Cotton               DDS 1956
Hugh N. Guinn                    DDS 1956
D. Dean  Ray                       DDS 1956
Jesse L. Harris                     DDS 1957
Robert L. Deveny                DDS 1958
Edward Y. Hirashima          DDS 1958
Henry Ray Morrison            DDS 1958
William Paul Sommer          DDS 1958
Larry E. Shelton                  DDS 1960
Wayne A. Belser                 DDS 1961
Thomas D. Ellis                   DDS 1961
Robert Seniff                       ORT 1961
Wayne A. Jenkins               DDS 1962
Don A. Beene                      DDS 1963
Larry L. Slaten                     DDS 1964
Floyd R. Harris                    DDS 1966
Valerie F. Hall                     DH 1967
Richard B. Devine               DDS 1968
Boyd W. Harris                   DDS 1968
Gale L. Jeffries                    DH 1968
Larry R. Kerns                     DDS 1968
John C. Clark                      DDS 1970
Joseph L. Charleville           DDS 1971
Raymond P. Krob                DDS 1971
Richard D. Arellanes           DDS 1974
Mark W. Harris                    DDS 1978
J. Michael Jones                  DDS 1978
Brian D. Shelton                  DDS 1978
Patrick A. Thompson           DDS 1980
Jack D. Earley                     ORT 1981
Kelly D. O’Neal                  DDS 1981
Norman G. Uesato               DDS 1988

2012 Fall/Winter
R. Calvin Bain                     DDS 1950
Walter H. Bohling Jr            DDS 1950
R. Linn Clemons                 DDS 1974, GrDp 1982
Richard Devine                   DDS 1968, ORT 1974
Ethel L. Edwards                 DH 1977
William H. Fountain            DDS 1950
Henry W. Fricke Jr              DDS 1973
Boyd Harris                         DDS 1968
Joseph E. Harrison              DDS 1947, MS 1951
Sueo Ito                               DDS 1954
Robert L. Johnston              DDS 1973
James F. Loftus                   DDS 1950
Hugh F. Maguire                  DDS 1954
Henry “Ray” Morrison        DDS 1958
Robert B. Phillips                DDS 1954, MSD 1958
Walter A. Rossington           DDS 1955
L. Thomas Schoech             DDS 1956
Donald L. Smothers             DDS 1965
Sydney E. Wray                  DDS 1963
George E. Yancey               DDS 1944
William C. Zanol                 DDS 1958
Dale W. Ziesmer                  DDS 1971
Roderick MacDonald          DDS 1960
We apologize that our previous report of Richard Dominque’s (DDS ’77) death was greatly exaggerated. We are pleased to say that he is very much alive and well.

2012 Spring/Summer
Louis J. Badeen                   DDS 1943S
Gordon G. Bennett              DDS 1948
Jack L. Brookshire              DDS 1962
Gene K. Brown                   DDS 1977
Gerald R. Campolio             ORT 1972
Joseph P. Chancey Jr           DDS 1947
George H. Coe Jr                 DDS 1955
Jack R. Delhotal                  DDS 1945
Richard F. Dominique         DDS 1977
David K.H. Dung                DDS 1958
Larry L. Felkner                  DDS 1956
Harry W. Halterman            DDS 1952
Kenneth M. Hansen             DDS 1963
Larry C. Huey                     DDS 1965
Perry E. Hundley                 DDS 1971
Rex F. Keener                     DDS 1952
Vincent M. Kelly Jr             DDS 1963
Lyle L. Kimbrough              DDS 1953
Lona M. Lowell                   DH 1956
Daniel J. McAtee                 DDS 1951
Edgar W. McCleskey           DDS 1947
Robert E. McConnell           DDS 1959
Barto L. Mitchell                 DDS 1967
Brian G. Palmer                   DDS 1970
Ronald J. Pavicic                 DDS 1980
Robert H. Potter                   DDS 1943S
Earnest W. Potts                  DDS 1946
Arnold F. Sarya                   DDS 1960
Joseph C. Schulte                DDS 1944
Robert D. Smith                   DDS 1977
John M. Stones                    DDS 1956
Robert E. Strack                  DDS 1962
Herbert N. Sutherland          DDS 1957
Norman E. Tillman              DDS 1960
Olin E. Wyatt                       DDS 1953

2011 Fall/Winter
Gordon G. Bennett              DDS 1948
Jack L. Brookshire              DDS 1962
Richard K. Dominique        DDS 1977
Harry W. Halterman            DDS 1952
Perry E. Hundley                 DDS 1971
Lona M. Lowell                   DH 1956
Edgar W. McCleskey           DDS 1947
Robert E. McConnell           DDS 1959
Arnold F. Sarya                   DDS 1960
Robert D. Smith                   DDS 1977, MSOB 1982
John M. Stones                    DDS 1956
Robert E. Strack                  DDS 1962
Herbert N. Sutherland          DDS 1957
Norman E. Tillman              DDS 1960

2011 Spring/Summer
Eli H. Mullinax                    DDS 1935
Robert W. Herr                    DDS 1939
William A. Johnson             DDS 1941
B.J. Shadid                          DDS 1941
Mike J. Baba                       DDS 1943J
Richard H. Hamilton           DDS 1943J
Richard M. Haun                 DDS 1943J
James L. O’Brien                 DDS 1943J
Hubert L. Crawford             DDS 1943S
George Kirschbaum             DDS 1943S
Jack L. Greene                    DDS 1944
Edward H. Hamamura         DDS 1945
LeGrand R. Curtis               DDS 1946
Jack W. Robinson               DDS 1946
Edwin L. Wilson                  DDS 1946
Charles S. Anderson            DDS 1949
Darrell D. Church                DDS 1949
Robert E. Cowan                 DDS 1949
Ralph B. Campbell              DDS 1950
James W. Jones                   DDS 1950
Walter Washburn Jones       DDS 1950
Michael S. Zoradi                MS 1950
Ralph Guilfoil                     DDS 1951
Robert R. Needham             DDS 1951
Bascum C. Pippin                DDS 1953
Dick H. Johnson                  DDS 1954
James M. Liggett                  DDS 1954
Anabel L. Wilson                DH 1954
William R. Aylmer              DDS 1955
William H. Harris                DDS 1955
Clarence O. Nauman           DDS 1955
Robert E. Thompson           DDS 1955
Jay N. Jeppsen                    DDS 1956
Robin B. Lee                       DDS 1956
L.E. Lujan                           DDS 1956
Glen N. Gill                         DDS 1957
Harold C. Reid                    DDS 1957
Robert E. Thompson           PED 1957
Ben H. Benson                    DDS 1958
Jerry W. Crook                    DDS 1958
George E. Tiller                   DDS 1958
Paul D. Watkins                   DDS 1958
Beverly I. Walker                DH 1959
A. Richard Rody                 DDS 1960
Sidney W. Scorse                DDS 1960
Victor D. Hildinger              DDS 1961
Jardon Strnad                      DDS 1961            MS 1962
Ronald G. Strouse               DDS 1961
Dale D. Dickson                  DDS 1962
John C. Rosnik                    DDS 1962
William L. Scearce              DDS 1963
Sidney W. Scorse                OMX 1963
Robert M. Spurlin                DDS 1964
Juan R. Diaz                        DDS 1966
Edward Gene Neubauer      DDS 1968
Robert D. Hague                  DDS 1974
Harvey W. Shaw Jr.             DDS 1979
Kathy L. Vasquez                DH 1989
Douglas W. Coffelt             PER 1994
Stephen D. Akimoto            DDS 1995, AEGD 1997

In Memorium (posted prior to 2011)
Thomas Tsuda, DDS ’35
Honolulu, Hawaii

Lyman Riney, DDS ’40
Bentonville, Ark.

Haw Tung Wong, DDS ’46
Honolulu, Hawaii

Morton Holmes, Jr., DDS ’47
Englewood, Colo.

Jack Spencer Moore, DDS ’50
Austin, Texas

Richard S Alley, Sr., DDS ’52
San Antonio, Texas

Floyd Trindle, DDS ’52
Yukon, Okla.

Roland F Kimball, DDS ’53
Springfield, Mo.

Eric Motley, DDS ’53
Oklahoma City, Okla.

Paul Dutton, DDS ’56
Littleton, Colo.

Charles F Vieth, Jr., DDS ’56
Blue Springs, Mo.

Paul S Hoe, DDS ’58
Honolulu, Hawaii

Charles (Sam) Kemper, DDS ’58
Springfield, Mo.

Robert Owens, DDS ’58
Clovis, Calif.

Edward Mosby, DDS ’60
Kansas City, Mo.

William O Feuerborn, DDS ‘60
San Antonio, TX

Jerry Marshall, DDS ‘60
Edmond, OK

Leo Konecny, DDS ‘61
Derby, KS

Deanna D Price, DH ‘61
Lake Ozark, MO

Al Stuart, DDS ‘62
Wichita, KS

Walter Carrick, DDS ‘63
Spivey, KS

Joe L Hernandez, DDS ‘63
Santa Fe, NM

Jerome M Laham, DDS ‘63
Andover, KS

William Bonham, DDS ‘64
Oklahoma City, OK

Mark R Trotter, DDS ‘80
Raymore, MO

Kimsey Harville, DDS ‘81
Lee’s Summit

Susan J Weyers, DDS ‘86
Scottsdale, AZ


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