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Harry W. Fitzgerald, DDS ’46, (El Dorado, Kan.) cannot believe how many of his classmates are gone. He just celebrated his 88th birthday. Still in reasonably good shape, he works at the local YMCA three days a week!

Earnest W. Potts, DDS ’46, (Yukon, Okla.) now resides in Spanish Cove, Yukon, Okla.

William H. Poyser, DDS ’51, (Prairie Village, Kan.)  has been retired for 21 years, has been married for 59 years, has two children and does volunteer work.

Don Allen Adams, DDS ’56, (Grand Junction, Colo.) USAF’ 57, earned Distinguished Rifle Gold #7th. He’s been a missionary dentist, volunteering in the jungles of Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, and Ecuador from 1966 to 1976. He also had short terms in Mexico and Siberia. He retired in 1997 and has 10,000 hours volunteering, including at an indigent clinic in Grand Junction, Colo.

Jackson D. Haraway, DDS ’56, ( Stonewall, Okla.) retired in August 2006 after practicing 50 years in Ada, Okla. He and his wife, Betty, celebrated 60 years of marriage on August 25, 2010. They are both healthy (just senile) and their three children are successful.

Gweldon L. Long, DDS ’61, (Maryville, Mo.) enjoys spending winters in Palm Desert, Calif., and summers in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Larry Jacobson, DDS ’61 (Kansas City, Mo.) is enjoying practicing periodontics.
Jack Copeland, DDS ’61, (Glendora, Calif.) retired in 2007 after 47 years of practice and enjoys intarsia and scroll sawing.

James R. Whitehead, DDS ’61, (Tulsa, Okla) survived 10th & Troost!

Tom Berry, DDS ’61, (Denver, Colo.) is still teaching at the University of Colorado, School of Dental Medicine. Judy and Tom have two sons and three grandchildren who live in the Denver area.

Harry Jett, DDS ’61, (Salina, Kan.) and his wife, Ann, have been retired for 11 years. If he were doing it all over, he would work as long as he could.

Lawrence J. Purcell, DDS ’61, (Littleton, Colo.) retired from private practice in 2004. He has volunteered one day a week as a dentist at an inner city health center in downtown Denver, Colo., since his retirement.

Herschel L. Stroud, DDS ’61, (Topeka, Kan.) retired in 1997 and now lectures nationwide on civil war medicine. He also sings in a barbershop quartet. He plays the trumpet and sings in the 15-piece big band Kings of Swing. Herschel celebrated his 80th birthday in September 2010 and will celebrate his 60th wedding anniversary in February 2011. He enjoys travel in Hispanic countries.

Floyd R. Harris, DDS ’66, (Lowell, Ark.) retired four years ago. He is living on Beaver Lake in northwestern Arkansas with a grass landing strip in his front yard and his Glastar (home-built plane) tucked away inside!

Michael L. Milford, DDS ’66, (Dodge City, Kan.) retired Jan 1, 2010.

J. Konrad Rock, DDS ’66, (Lake City, Colo.) retired in November 2007 and moved to Lake City, Colo., where they live full time.

Peter Robinson, DDS ’66, (Winnetka, Ill.) received the title of dean emeritus (University of Connecticut) in 2007 and professor emeritus in 2009. He moved from Connecticut to Winnetka, Ill., in 2010.

Gregg Kalbfleisch, DDS ’71, (Longmont, Colo.) retired from OMS in January 2010. He has five grandchildren, enjoys travel, golf, ocean sailing and Colorado high country.

Ken Rowan, DDS ’71, (Jefferson, Mo.) is president elect of the Charles Tweed International Orthodontic Foundation, an examiner for the American Board of Orthodontics, and a recipient of the Merit Award Orthodontic Education and Research Foundation. He’s been married for 37 years and has one daughter and three sons.  

Douglas Miller, DDS ’71, (Heber Springs, Ark.) and Jody moved their primary residence to Heber Springs, Ark., almost seven years ago. They will wind down the practice in central Missouri in the fall of 2010 and will probably stay involved in dentistry in Arkansas.

Richard “Dick” Willits, DDS ’71, (Overland Park, Kan.) have been married since 1967. Wow! He has two kids and three grandkids. He’s still practicing in Overland Park, Kan., where his four-year old new office keeps him hopping. Dick has a partner and staff of nine. He was one of the KC Magazine Dentists of the Year for 2010.

Nelson A. Smith, DDS ’71, (Oklahoma City, Okla.) has two new granddaughters and retired from the US Naval Reserve (Capt.-0-6) in 2004.

Stephen R. Haught, DDS ’71, (Emporia, Kan.) says he is still seeing patients, still active with dental testing, still active in Kansas policies, still enjoying grandchildren, still accepted by original wife, and not on dental board, not drinking and not a party animal. Boring life!

James T. Wilson Jr., DDS ’71, (Eureka Springs, Ark.) is retired and enjoys fishing, gardening, labs and pointers. So far back in the hollow, the cell phones don’t work!

David Merello, DDS, PC ’76, (Pleasant Hill, Mo.) has been married to Devri for 32 years. They have three children, one married. He’s still practicing dentistry and owns and manages two offices with an associate.

Joseph R. Engel, DDS ’76, (Fenton, Mo.) received a master’s degree from Saint Louis University in biosecurity and disaster preparedness in 2008. He will lecture to anyone or any group interested in bioterrorism, biosecurity and disaster preparedness and the role of the dentist, hygienist and the staff in surveillance and mitigation of manmade or natural disasters. He says it is a dangerous time, in terms of a terrorist attack using bio weapons, and the dental community can and should be prepared to respond and be knowledgeable of possible scenarios. We will be first responders!

Jim Marker, DDS ’76, (Berryton, Kan.) has five kids:  Kristy (endodontics), Kirby (sales), Jaime (banking), Tyler (elementary ed) and Spencer (pilot, United Airlines). He is a retired USAR-R Lt. Col., and an ultra light pilot. He’s practicing part time and drawing Social Security!!

Ted R. Milligan's, DDS ’76, (Wichita, Kan.) daughter is in the process of finishing her degree as a dental hygienist at Wichita State University.

Harry R. Niehaus’s, DDS ’76, (St. Peters, Mo.) oldest son, Brian, will graduate from the UMKC School of Dentistry in May 2011. His son Glenn was married in May 2010, and his daughter Kristen will be married Oct. 2010.

Robert G. Jones, DDS ’76, (Hartsburg, Mo.) announces that grandchild #8 was due in mid September 2010. He built a new home in Hartsburg, Mo., and life is good.

John Fasbinder, DDS ’81, (Prairie Village, Kan.) has two grandchildren:  a girl (6) and a boy (4). John is engaged to be married to Cheri Antin on May 29, 2011. He’s in practices anesthesia and dentistry full time and teaches part time. He also lectures on medical emergency preparedness for offices/surgical centers. Retire? Why? Having too much fun!

Ron Wright, DDS ’81, (Hiawatha, Kan.) has been married to Pamela for 23 years. He has three children:  a son (33); a daughter (21), in her third year at K-State; and another son who’s a freshman at Washburn. His three granddaughters include twins (3) and a 2-year-old.

John W. Tabash, DDS, MS ’81, (St. Louis, Mo.) has been in private practice as an orthodontist for 28 years. John has been honored by “The Best Dentists in America,” “America’s Top Dentists” and “Top Dentists in St. Louis” in the field of “Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics” for numerous years. He has been happily married for 25 years to Mary. They have 2 children. Their daughter Julie (22) is a senior at Northwestern University. Their son John (19) is a sophomore at the University of Chicago, where he is studying economics and playing football.

Dewain Whitmore, DDS ’81, (Kansas City, Mo.) will celebrate 30 years of marriage May 16, 2011. In one week, May 9-16, 1981, they took Missouri and Kansas jurisprudence, graduated Central Regional Boards, cleaned out school lockers and got married.

Jerry Paz, DDS ’81, (Warrenton, Mo.) has been married to Barbara for 25 years and has seven kids and six grandkids. He has helped establish a dental clinic in Haiti since 1994 on the island La Gonave. For more information, visit

Rod Thiele, DDS ’81, (Leavenworth, Kan.) has four children out of the house and now is an empty nester. His youngest daughter will marry in August 2011. He will retire in 3-6 years.

Susan Ellis DDS, DDS ’81, (Kansas City, Mo.) is happily retired, traveling between New York, Florida and Kansas City. She has 10 grandchildren. She volunteers at Family Health Care one day at week.

Steven Johnson, DDS ’81, (Overland Park, Kan.) continues to fight to keep third parties and governments from taking over our profession.

Jim Otten, DDS ’81, FACD,  (Lawrence, Kan.) practices restorative dentistry full time. He recently received Alumni Fellowship in ACD as well as membership in the America Academy of Restorative Dentistry. He’s also provost and lead faculty at the Pankey Institute in Key Biscayne, Fla.

Joe E. Richardson, DDS ’81, (Houston, Mo.) Finally! After all the hard work, we are grandparents! Daughter Kelly, is due December 5, 2010. Other than that, life and dentistry as usual.

Bonnie Lamb Beckmann Ruyle, DDS ’81, (Santa Fe, N.M.) as of fall 2010, will be in Tulane to study “Tropical Medicine and Traveler’s Health.” She is a grandmother to Hadley Isabelle (2)!

Connie L. Head, DDS ’86, DH ’81, (San Diego, Calif.) announces that Brandon, the son she had two weeks after graduation, is going to dental school! The daughter she had during her junior year is getting married and finishing grad school! They remember and miss their husband/father/hero, Capt. John Pierce (DDS ’82, Adv. Prosth ’93), who died in June 2008.

Lynn Kinderknecht, DDS ’86, (Hays, Kan.) has two grandchildren so far. One son is a member of the UMKC School of Dentistry Class of 2012. Two sons and a daughter-in-law are in medical school (KCUMB). A daughter (Cr1eighton 2007) is a concert promoter. Lynn celebrates a 35th wedding anniversary in December 2010.

Farrah Zaery’s, DDS ’91, (Overland Park, Kan.) son, Arshia, was two years old when she started dental school. He just graduated from the UMKC School of Dentistry and joined the practice.

John Sauer, DDS ’91, (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) has a son, John Paul (5).What a joy! John is the district director of the Southeast Missouri Football Officials Association and crew chief for official crew #12. He was Tunica Dental Meeting chairman in 2010, with 400+ in attendance.

Paul Wood, DDS ’91, (Nevada, Mo.) retired from the military February 1, 2010. He opened Nevada Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Nevada, Mo., and has completed recertification with the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Sheri Boynton, DDS ’96, (Wichita, Kan.) is getting remarried!

James J. Dixson, DDS ’96, (Liberty, Mo.) has three children:  Jacob (10), Gracie (7) and Isabella (7 months). Daughter Gracie is the 2010 Missouri State Gymnastics Champion Level 4. James enjoys watching his children compete in sports.

Matt Garrison, DDS ’96, (Liberty, Mo.) opened a new building in August 2008. He’s married to Kay (DH ’96) and they have three kids — Paige (12), Blair (8), Tate (4) — and one more due in January 2011.

Kevin Mowry, DDS ’96, (Lenexa, Kan.) has two children:  Ethan (5) and Reese (2). He became a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology in November 2009. He has offices in Lenexa, Kansas City, Olathe and Emporia, Kan. He has a practice with his wife Cathy.

Amy Stratton, DDS ’96, (Fort Collins, Colo.) has three children:  Alexis (12), Alexander (9) and Nicholas (6).

Matthew Gassen, DDS ’01, (Jefferson City, Mo.) has three children:  Lauren (5), Lydia (3), Leah (20 months). He’s opening a new dental office building October 5, 2010.

Matt A. Niewald, DDS ’01, (Lee’s Summit, Mo.) serves as president of the Missouri Dental Association and 6th District Representative on the ADA Committee on the New Dentist.

Wendy Weimer, DDS ’01, (North Kansas City, Mo.) has had a solo practice in North Kansas City since 2002. He was awarded Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry in 2007. He adopted a son from Russia in 2004.

Sally Powell, DDS ’01, (Columbia, Mo.) just moved to a new facility. They have twice the space and all new equipment. She says it is such a blessing to work in such a wonderful space.

Patrick R. Briscoe, DDS ’06, (Longview, Texas) has a new child, Addison.

Aaron Cregger, DDS ’06, (Kirkwood, Mo.) and his wife, Jamie Cregger (RDH ’06), announce that Carson David Cregger was born October 28, 2009.

Kelly Farmer, DDS ’06, (Perry, Kan.) announces that daughter Madilyn was born on May 24, 2008, and a son is due in November 2010.

Allison M. Jones, DDS ’06, (Overland Park, Kan.) says her family is growing. They welcomed their third child in late August 2010. Beckham (4) and Natalie (2) were both excited to meet their new little sister. Allison is keeping busy with work, practicing on her own since January 2009.

Tim O’Bryan, DDS ’06, (Farmington, Mo.) got married June 2, 2007, to Kelly O’Bryan. He purchased his own dental practice Nov. 10, 2008, in Farmington. Kelly is pregnant and due Dec. 10, 2010 with a boy, Grant Michael O’Bryan.

Michael & Angela Pernoud, DDS ’06, (O’Fallon, Mo.) had twin girls, Caitlin and Madeleine, born June 24, 2010.

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