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Alumni Reception at the Annual ADA - San Francisco (Part 1)





























The UMKC School of Dentistry welcomed alumni and friends during its reception at the ADA’s 2003 Annual Session in San Francisco, Calif. The highlight of the Saturday evening event was a tribute to John Haynes (D.D.S. ’60), professor and chair of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Haynes had been installed as the 2004 president of the Annual American College during its Annual Meeting, which preceded the ADA Annual Session. During the School of Dentistry reception Dr. Haynes was presented with plaque in honor of his achievements and his more than 40 years of service to the UMKC dental faculty.

Donovan Young (D.D.S. ’92) (L) & Dr. Michael Reed (Dean)

(L-R) R. Wayne (D.D.S. ’67, ORT ’72) & Joyce Thompson, David Keim (D.D.S. ’01) & John Hume

Dr. Micheal Reed (Dean) (L) & John Haynes (D.D.S. ’60)

John Haynes (D.D.S. ’60) (L) & Ray Parsons (D.D.S. ’50)

Gene (D.D.S. ’64) & Sandra Brown

Lynne (Theisen) Schopper (D.D.S. ’73) & Dr. Frank Theisen

(L-R) Sung Im (D.D.S. ’01), Sunni Danesh (D.D.S. ’01) & Dan Bednarczyk (D.D.S. ’01)


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