Celebrating a Momentous Rite of Passage

Celebrating a Momentous Rite of Passage

















UMKC School of Density (SOD) dean Dr. Marsha Pyle welcomed about 500 family members and friends who enthusiastically celebrated the passage of junior DDS students and senior dental hygiene students into the clinical care phase of their educations. To mark this pivotal accomplishment, the SOD’s third annual Transitioning into the Profession ceremony bestowed the members of the DH Class of 2013 with a set of scrubs and the members of the DDS Class of 2014 with a white doctor coat. The event took place Friday, June 1, 2012, at the UMKC Student Union on the Volker Campus.

The Code of Ethics Drafted by the respective classes were read by Dr. Craig Whitt, master of ceremonies. Class members ascended the stage to sign their Code of Ethics documents and receive their scrubs or white coat as they exited the stage.

Dr. Charles F. Squire (DDS ’68), representing the UMKC Dental Alumni Association, and Ms. Jan Haun (DH ’81), representing the UMKC Dental Hygienists’ Alumni Association, took turns at the podium to recognize the students’ academic accomplishments and charge them with maintaining the highest ethical standards throughout their personal and professional lives.

Following the ceremony, participants and audience members gathered at the School of Dentistry for a congratulatory reception. The Code of Ethics of each class will be framed and displayed at the entrance to the Dr. Robert and Mrs. Lucille Cowan Center for Clinical Care (the School’s patient care area) as a daily reminder to the students of the importance of maintaining ethical standards as they deliver oral health care to their patients.

The members of the Dental Hygiene Class of 2013 and the DDS Class of 2014 extend their gratitude to the Rinehart Foundation, the UMKC Dental and Dental Hygienists’ Alumni Associations, the Kansas and Missouri chapters of the American College of Dentist and Dr Ken Weinand for their generous support in providing the scrubs and white coats, as well as the reception.