Labs and Classrooms - Instructional Resources Library and Dental Library

Labs and Classrooms - Instructional Resources Library and Dental Library




















Labs and Classrooms

Recently completed extensive upgrades to the lecture halls and seminar rooms have kept the School at the forefront of dental education. These learning spaces are fully equipped with the latest technology for the display of computer images, video and slides.

The School has also invested heavily in the spacious and well-equipped pre-clinical laboratories where students hone their hands-on skills with impressions and models. Anatomical studies are conducted in a classroom outfitted with highly detailed three dimensional models that replace the traditional cadavers.

Instructional Resources Library and Dental Library

Together the Dental Library and Instructional Resource Library (IRL) occupy an impressive space on the third floor of the School. Naturally, the Dental Library houses a large collection of health science reference books, about 25,000, and nearly 400 journals and periodicals devoted to oral care. The value of the collection to students, faculty and the community of practitioners is greatly enhanced by the information retrieval and literature search expertise of library staff. The dental library fills over 1,500 requests annually from practitioners.

Adjacent to the Dental Library is the Instructional Resource Library (IRL). This space boasts impressive computing resources for student use. The personal computers have broadband connections to both the Internet and the University’s intranet. In addition, each computer has installed all the commonly required software: word processing, database, spreadsheet, graphics, statistical analysis programs and dentistry-specific educational applications. An array of audiovisual equipment is also available for displaying the IRL’s impressive collection of student and patient educational media.