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Research shows that one dental office sterilization in five fails. Without professional monitoring of your autoclaves, ovens and sterilizers, you cannot be sure of your own safety and the safety of your patients and staff. Both the A.D.A and C.D.C recommend periodic use of biological indicators to verify properly functioning sterilization cycles.

The UMKC Sterilizer Monitoring Service provides:
• A year's supply of test kits
• Complete instructions and return envelopes
• Immediate notification of sterilization failure
• Confirmation of sterilization failure by gram staining
• Quarterly written reports of results

Program Fees:

Weekly Testing
(50 Test Kits)
One (1) Sterilizer $250.00
Two (2) Sterilizers $225.00 (each)
Three (3) Sterilizers $200.00 (each)

Contact the Sterilization Monitoring Service by sending e-mail to or by calling 816/235-2124

Contact Info

Sterilization Monitoring Service. 816/235-2124