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Why become a Dental Research Patient?
We often get asked the questions:  Why should I become a dental research patient and what does it mean?
When you become a research patient at UMKC School of Dentistry Clinical Research Center (CRC) you are provided the same level of care, with the same standards, as all our clinics at the Dental School.

If you choose to participate in a research study, be sure to ask questions and learn as much as you can.  You should ask:

  • What is expected of me as a research subject?
  • Will the research benefit me personally?
  • What are the exact procedures that will take place?
  • Can I leave the study at any time?

What are some of the specific benefits of being a UMKC Dental School Research Patient?

  • Dental evaluation examinations are provided at no charge, including recommendations to achieve and maintain oral health.
  • Staff with specialized knowledge of  oral health and oral/systemic health connections and treatments
  • Some treatments are provided as part of a specific research study
  • Some studies provide patient payments for participation
  • Your participation helps advance our scientific understanding of oral diseases, medicines or devices used to treat oral diseases, and the oral/systemic disease connections which ultimately serves to improve overall health

All research projects at UMKC School of Dentistry Clinical Research Center (CRC) are required to be reviewed and approved by an independent Institutional Review Board whose primary goal is to protect human subjects.  This provides us, and you, with the assurance that all of our studies are carefully scrutinized by many knowledgeable scientists, clinicians and human subjects’ advocates.  They make sure that the study is carefully evaluated and that there is a detailed explanation of any risks associated with study participation.   Each study has in depth information available to you about the procedures performed, the number of visits, and the time requirements associated with that study.  These details are not only required reading; they are also explained in depth verbally.
Research is not a treatment.  In some instances study participants may receive stipends and/or dental services related to the research study.

Becoming a Research Patient
Evaluation Examinations
The UMKC School of Dentistry Clinical Research Center (CRC) is currently performing dental evaluation examinations for new patients. These dental evaluations will help to determine if you are eligible to be in one of our future research studies. This initial dental evaluation is at no cost to you.  Anyone over the age of 18 years is eligible. We often need research patients with no dental problems as well as patients with dental problems.
In providing you with an assessment of your overall oral health we may recommend diagnostics such as radiographs and/or treatment, but they are not required for study participation. Should you decide to pursue these diagnostics or treatment recommendations there would be charges associated, but these details would be discussed/presented to you after your dental evaluation.  We are able, and glad to provide referrals to the Dental School or to other dental and medical professionals as needed.
Research Patient Database
If you do not qualify for a current study and you would like to be considered for future research we can add your name and your dental evaluation information to our Research Patient Database.  The Research Patient Database is a list of patients who may qualify for future research studies.  When a new research study becomes available, we can go to the Research Patient Database and see which patients might qualify for the study.
Need More Information
If you would like to schedule a dental evaluation examination or get more information about our studies, and whether you might qualify to participate please call (816) 235-2200, OR e-mail us at, OR sign up on our Patient Information Form, and we will contact you with more information.

Location of UMKC School of Dentistry Clinical Research Center (CRC)

The Clinical Research Center is located in a dedicated area on the first floor of the School of Dentistry on the west end of the building.  (map) It is located in the Dr. Charles Dunlap Innovation Center for Research and Education in Technology in room 101. There are signs directing you to its location from the first and second floor of the Dental School.

Parking Information and Map

Parking is available behind the School of Dentistry at 25th and Holmes Street and additional parking is located at 25th and Charlotte St (map).

Bus Schedules/Routes
The following bus routes stop on UMKC Volker Campus and at UMKC Hospital Hill Campus. The Clinical Research Center (CRC) is located in UMKC School of Dentistry on the Hospital Hill Campus.  These bus routes go from Volker Boulevard to 25th Street. Click here for bus schedules and routes.

Clinical Research Center (CRC) Contact Information

Clinical Research Center Needs your Help:
UMKC Clinical Research Center (CRC) needs both healthy people and those with oral health problems.  Each study has its unique eligibility requirements.
The Clinical Research Center (CRC) at the School of Dentistry relies on volunteer subjects to accomplish its mission. If you are interested in learning more about the Clinical Research Center (CRC) you can contact us at:

UMKC School of Dentistry
Clinical Research Center (CRC)
650 East 25th Street, Room 101-O
Kansas City, MO  64108
Phone:  816-235-2200
E-mail us at
Or fill out the Patient Information Form
and we will contact you

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Contact Info

UMKC School of Dentistry
Clinical Research Center
650 East 25th Street, Room 101-O
Kansas City, MO  64108
Phone:  816-235-2200
E-mail us at
Or fill out the patient information form
and we will contact you