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  • The importance and quality of the Clinical Research Center’s (CRC) partnerships with the private sector is demonstrated by its contribution to the development, evaluation, and approval of bold, new products and therapies that have improved the oral health of millions of people.
  • Over the 20 years since its inception, the Clinical Research Center has conducted over 80 studies, ranging from Phase I to Phase III clinical trials.

Identifying Faculty with Expertise in your Area of Interest

How do I find dental school faculty with expertise in my area of interest?
Please contact the Clinical Research Center (CRC) and we will help identify a dental school faculty member with expertise in your area of interest. We can be reached at 816-235-2200 or by e-mail at

Research Proposal

The next step is for the member of the faculty to prepare a technical and cost proposal for your consideration with the help of the Research Office. You are encouraged to provide the researcher with enough information, so that the proposal is responsive to you request. The final version of the technical proposal and the proposed budget are then reviewed and approved by the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs and the Research Office before they are sent to you for your final consideration.


How much does it cost to have a project performed by dental school faculty or in one of the school’s research centers? 

Costs are based on several factors, including the time frame of the desired project, the level of expertise require to complete the project, and the deliverables required by the project sponsor.  The university must charge the sponsor the costs of personnel working directly on the project (faculty, staff, students: labor and fringe benefits), as well as the costs for necessary supplies, new equipment needed specifically for the project, and for any major equipment/facilities used on the project.  The university’s indirect costs also must be paid to assist with general university expenses (e.g. utilities, libraries, computing, and infrastructure).

Clinical Research Center (CRC) - School of Dentistry Facility, Equipment, Personnel and Services

The Clinical Research Center (CRC) is located on the first floor of the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry.  It is a dedicated area specifically designed for clinical research and includes the following:

  • Full Time Director, Corporate Clinical Research
  • 6 staff to include – Study Manager, Recorder, Sterilization/ Infection Control, One Assistant, Two Hygienists
  • Study Coordinator – full time
  • Patient Recruitment and Management
  • Personnel to prepare and submit IRB documentation
  • Available Statistician
  • Calibrated Examiners in plaque, gingivitis, stain indices
  • Three fully equipped dental cubicles
  • Computers located in each of the dental cubicles
  • Data Entry
  • Access to additional dental cubicles away from examination cubicles (if examiner needs to be blinded to treatment)
  • Secured storage for maintaining and dispensing research related products
  • Secured storage for research records and documents
  • Storage area to retain archived research records
  • Private office for consenting research subjects
  • Private office equipped with computer for study monitoring visits
  • Three autoclaves onsite
  • Hand pieces, periodontal dental instruments, restorative instruments, surgical instruments
  • Digital camera, retractors, mirrors
  • On-Site Photography Service
  • On-Site Computer/IT Services
  • On-Site Fax (dedicated to research use only)
  • Refrigerator (for product storage)
  • Access to CBCT, digital radiographs and panographs
  • Phase I through Phase III Clinical Trials, Corporate Research, Internally Funded Research Projects
  • Database of potential research subjects with gingivitis, periodontal disease, implants, dentures, fillings, crowns, extrinsic dental stain, cold sores, dry mouth, bad breath and dentinal sensitivity

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