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Our fees average one-third to one-half the cost of private care and must be paid in-full when services are delivered.  Listed below are some fee estimates for the undergraduate clinic:

Emergency Fee  $50 
Comprehensive Exam $41
Full Mouth Radiographs $60
Pano Radiograph $60
Prophy (cleaning)   $58
SC/RP (per quad)  $43
Extractions $64 - 155
Amalgam Fillings $50 – 115
Composite Filling $53 – 125
Dentures (per arch)  $441
Partial Dentures (per arch) $515
Root Canal $204 - 550


The fees listed are estimates only and fees can change at any time.

The School of Dentistry accepts Missouri Medicaid payments. If you have KanCare (formerly known as Kansas Medicaid), please contact the patient accounts office at (816) 235-2122 to discuss your benefits and what care is covered.  We will work with you and your dental insurance company to ensure that you will receive the maximum allowable benefit, but we do not accept assignment of benefits. We also offer a monthly payment plan with approved credit, and we accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover for payment. Please feel free to contact the patient accounts office at (816) 235-2122 for additional details concerning insurance or payment plans.

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Speech or hearing impairments call:
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