Structure/Property Imaging Integration

Investigators: Yong Wang, UMKC-Dentistry (PI); Yu-Ping Wang, UMKC-Computer Science (Co-I); Ganesh Thiagaragan, UMKC-Engineering (Co-I)
In most laboratories, the complementary analyses are performed on a heterogeneous mix of instrumentation which has been acquired from different manufacturers. Each instrument uses software unique to the vendor and frequently, the data must be stored in a proprietary format. Managing this mass of data, collected in several different formats, becomes a daunting, time-consuming task. Our inability to collect this data in a common format prohibits direct correlation of the complementary results; it impedes our ability to recognize trends in heterogeneous data. The overall hypothesis of this work is that hyperspectral imaging data collected in vendor-specific formats using a variety of analytical techniques can be translated to a common computing platform that allows data sharing among research groups, visualization of relationships in heterogeneous data and the construction of new detailed, quantitative structure/property data images. The proposed studies include: 1) heterogeneous incompatible data from different analytical instrumentation, e.g., micro-Raman spectroscopy, FTIR spectroscopy and scanning acoustic microscopy, can be translated from vendor-specific formats to a common computing platform and managed without compromising the integrity of the original data; 2) the data convergence provided by this common computing platform can promote and facilitate visualization of relationships; 3) detailed, quantitative structure/property data images can be constructed using the data repository environment offered by this new, common computing platform and using this new imaging platform, the interrelationship between structure and properties can be understood.