Non-Equilibrium Atmospheric Plasmas for Dental Adhesion

Investigators: Qingsong Yu, UMC-Engineering (PI); Yong Wang, UMKC-Dentistry (Co-PI); Hao Li, UMC-Engineering (Co-PI)
The main objective of this project is to examine the surface preparation and surface/interface engineering using novel non-equilibrium atmospheric gas plasmas in dental treatment and restorations for significantly improved performance. The research includes plasma treatment of dental surfaces without acid etching or demineralization in order to successfully replace the currently used drilling and acid etching procedures. The studies also include chemical and mechanical characterizations of the interface regions as well as the study of the plasma-induced elimination of bacteria that will sustain the interface for a longer time after restoration. This project seeks solutions to existing dental problems by applying novel plasma surface/interface engineering principles. The knowledge gained will be valuable in solving many other biomedical problems.