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Xiaomei Yao. Ph.D. is the laboratory in the MusculoSkeletal Structure/Property Characterization Core. Dr. Yao received her B.S. degree in Geochemistry in 1986 from the University of Geosciences of China, a M.S. in Geochemistry from the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences in 1992, a Ph.D. in Mineralogy from the University of Geosciences of China in 2000, and a M.S. in computing engineering from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2004. She joined Dr. Wang’s laboratory recently, performs research on dental materials such as bio-minerals, dental adhesives and composites.

Dr. Yao's Research Interests: Structural and Chemical Analysis of Dentinal Tissues/Biomaterials Interfaces; Histomorphologic Characterization of Dentin/ Adhesive Interfaces.

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Xiaomei Yao. Ph.D.

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