MusculoSkeletal Structure/Property Characterization Core

Specimen Preparation Laboratory

















Specimens preparation for biological tissues, dental restoration, and biomaterials for chemical, mechanical and morphological characterizations. The laboratory operates with the instruments for specimen sectioning, grinding, polishing, dental materials mixing and polymerization. Specimen preparation is an essential stage in the analysis process. Our laboratory has extensive facilities for life science and materials science specimen processing prior to characterization. The Specimen Preparation lab features:

• BUEHLER ISOMET 1000 Precision Saw
• Black & Decker 10Inch Deluxe Band Saw
• BUEHLER HandiMet 2 Roll Grinder
• BUEHLER MetaServ Grinder-polisher
• BUEHLER PoliMet Polisher
• Thermolyne Maxi-Mix II vortex mixer
• Lab-line Orbital Shakers
• Corning PC-351 Hot Plate Stirrer
• Branson Ultrasonic cleaner
• Plas-Labs' chamber glove boxes
• Dentsply/Caulk 800 Curing Unit
• Mettler Toledo AG285 Analytical Balance,
• Nikon Eclipse Me600 microscope equipped with SPOT Digital Cameras