MusculoSkeletal Structure/Property Characterization Core

Biocompatibility Testing Laboratory


















Engineered for work with hazardous substances, including multiple laminar hooding, for biochemical & chemical analysis and toxicology testing. The laboratory operates under GLP and is fully equipped for pre-clinical biocompatibility testing.

The Toxicore features:
• Waters HPLC system
• Automated colony counters
• UV-Vis & fluoresence Spectrophotometers, (Perkin-Elmer Lamda)
• Microplate reader (Molecular devices E-Max, Menlo Park, CA).
• Biotrans II Automated colony counter, New Brunswick Scientific Co. Inc. Edison, NJ
• CO2 Incubator, Lab-line, Melrose Park, Illinois
• Incubator, National Scientific Co. Lawrenceville, Georgia
• Olympus BH-2 standard optical microscopes (2) Olympus America Inc, Melville, NY
• NiKon TMS phase contrast microscope
• 90Plus particle sizer, Brookhaven Instrument Corp.
• Avantis Miniextruder, Buchi Rotavapor R205 system
• Centra 7R Centrifugues, Damon/IEC

The Cell culture lab features:
• inverted microscope
• laminar flow hood and liquid nitrogen storage
• Bio-Tek fluorescence microplate reader
• 3 Revco ultra low temp
• UV/vis spectrophotomter
• Nikon C1 confocal on Nikon TE2000 microscope
• 3 low/moderate-speed centrifuges
• Beckman LE-80K ultracentrifuge with Beckman Ti 70.1 and SW28 rotors
• Power Wave Bio-Tek microplate reader
• fluorescent microscope with camera
• freezers for sample storage